Behind The Scenes: Texaco FC Fan Central

Texaco are in their fourth season as a partner of the nPower Championship, and the Fan Central is an initiative that puts the fans at the centre of the action!

Featuring such activities as Ask the boss, Away Days, Car-Eoke and competitions, they are giving fans the chance to see a different side of their heroes. They also run the biggest Championship Fantasy Football competition of which Saints fans currently lead!

Interviews by John “Fenners” Fendley are not in the style you would expect, with fans coming directly from the fans.

This week it was the turn of Saints to host the Fenners and answer the questions. Manager Nigel Adkins and midfielders Adam Lallana and Richard Chaplow were the men in the hotseat. The interviews can be seen at both here and at Texaco FC soon, but in the meantime here are some behind the scenes photos….

Nigel Adkins shares a laugh during the interview.

An unidentified source of glare halts proceedings during Richard Chaplow's interview.

Socks and Flip Flops? Adam Lallana answers questions in questionable footwear.

Check back at soon to see the interviews in full!



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