2013/14 GWC.com End of Season Awards!

As we approach the end of another season, it is time to highlight those who have stood out in what has been a fantastic second season back in the Premier League. Records have been broken, the football has been fantastic and this has truly been one of the best years in my time as a Saints fan. But who has stood out for individual praise?

Who will win one of our coveted ‘Ali’s’?*

One of the coveted ‘Ali’s’. Who will get them this year?

One of the coveted ‘Ali’s’. Who will get them this year?

If you want to have your say on who should be honoured, just fill out the following form, all votes will be anonymous and collated with the winners revealed at the end of the season!

For the ‘Player of the Year’ award, a winner vote get’s the player 2 points. A runner up vote gets them 1 point. The player with the highest combined total will get the ‘Ali’.

* – There is no actual physical trophy. This site is non-profit and always being sued by photographers. Sorry.




2 thoughts on “2013/14 GWC.com End of Season Awards!

  1. What a great season, keep the team together at all costs, strengthen the squad and push on next season

  2. Christ what a boring season it has been. Could of fell asleep after Sunderland, woken up yesterday and not missed a thing.

    Think MoPo has to go tbh. Average manager, and been found out by all the league’s other managers. Time to shake things up imho!

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