Does Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers’ obsession with Southampton point to his own failings?


Brendan Rodgers is clearly a fan of Southampton (Picture: Getty Images)

Not content with already having taken Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana from Southampton and unsettling Dejan Lovren to the point of mutiny, Brendan Rodgers has seemingly now turned his attention to Jay Rodriguez.

What is going on here Brendan? I know we played the prettiest football in the league last season, I know we shocked plenty of people with our achievements but really? You want all of our players?

There was a delicious irony in Lovren claiming that he wanted to move to Anfield because Saints were no longer showing ambition.

Within days of that statement Liverpool had sold their best player and been snubbed in favour of Arsenal by Alexis Sanchez. I think that would suggest questionable ambition too.

With a hideous amount of money to spend why is Rodgers so obsessed with Southampton players? Did he get a…

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4 thoughts on “Does Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers’ obsession with Southampton point to his own failings?

  1. When you buy players from Mid-Table clubs,then end up a Mid-Table club you’ve only got yourself to blame.With the money being waisted by Rodgers if he doesn’t get TOP 4 this coming season,you can expect him too be SACKED !!! A lot of Liverpool fans don’t know rodgers obsession with Swansea & Southampton players,but we our getting ripped off on all.
    Better quality at half the price in Germany.

  2. Article makes no sense and sounds like sour grapes. You note these players are CL quality , but then that Liverpools squad is weaker. Well Liverpol have lost the best player in the PL..but they have signed last years best English player and intend to sign one of the best cb’s. Combine this with likelihood of Bony and that’s a stronger squad, albeit weaker. The saints fans shld focus on pushing their club to retain talent, not on others supposed shortfalls.

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