Southampton fans must keep calm and remember who they are


England’s Adam Lallana is just one of many Southampton players to be sold this summer (Picture: Getty Images)

I was not expecting Southampton fans to be over the moon about the current transfer business in this summer window, but I wasn’t quite prepared for some of the over the top reactions from some.

It’s like they’ve forgotten who they are. Saints have always lost their top players to those bigger and supposedly better clubs, it’s the way it has always been. Talk of a fire-sale is crazy.

When Saints first team players are leaving for the likes of Stoke City and Aston Villa, then it will be time to worry about the intentions of the board. In reality are best players are being touted by clubs in a position to pay them more money and offer them Champion’s League football. It seems like a disaster because ‘so many’ are leaving…

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One thought on “Southampton fans must keep calm and remember who they are

  1. Its ok saying remember who we are, but we fork out a lot of money to watch Saints and after finishing 8th last season we are now going to watch half the team we had and with as it looks now not the same quality coming in..So we have every right to voice disapproval…
    Biggest mistake was letting Cortese go… so follows Poch and the players…and with 3 more probables moving,where is the like 4 like replacements coming from?
    Koeman needs to show his credentials and attract some BIG names or I fear that its going to be a long hard season….
    I remember finishing 8th with Strachan…. will history repeat itself????

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