Shane Long can help Southampton prove ‘experts’ wrong at West Brom


3 thoughts on “Shane Long can help Southampton prove ‘experts’ wrong at West Brom

  1. In fifty two years of supporting the baggies I think the best days business was in selling Shane long for what turned out to be six point six million pounds in my opinion he as never been or never will be a premiership quality player. What he will be though is a very rich man due to some very inept managers opinions on what qualifies to be a premiership player.he is at best a good championship striker who as become a very rich man. Shane I hope you live a very long life and enjoy spending your millions at the end of your career regards jps

    • £12 million was far too much, but I guess that’s because Saints have a bucket load of cash to spend and Steve Bruce obviously knew. However, Ronald Koeman must see something in him that he likes, but we won’t know how good (or bad) a signing he is for us, for a few months at least.
      Respect to you Baggies fans, you were brilliant on your last 2 visits to St Mary’s – certainly had me chuckling. Good luck to you, except for this weekend!

  2. shane long scored 7 premiere league goals last season. he might score the winning goal on saturday , but he still will not get 10 premiere league goals this season. i would put my bank balance on it, but i bet you shane long would not put his bank balance on it

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