Has anyone noticed that Southampton still exist?


Shane Long celebrates his goal against Leicester City (Picture: Getty Images)

In the face of adversity football fans usually come into their own. Gallows humour sets in and the wit of the terraces deals with the issues of the day.

Once Shane Long had converted a wretched, sloppy 0-0 stalemate into another impressive victory for Southampton’s the Northam Stand made their point. ‘Where’s all our players gone’ was closely followed by ‘The Saints are staying up’ and then the real kick in the teeth for the Summer’s naysayers ‘We’re going to win the league’. St. Mary’s, in the pouring rain was jumping.

Perhaps though the next song in the repertoire should have been ‘We are Southampton, we don’t even exist’. Seemingly everyone in football bar Jose Mourinho is refusing to accept that right now Saints are title challengers. The headlines were all about Mourinho’s Chelsea extending their lead over Manchester City…

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One thought on “Has anyone noticed that Southampton still exist?

  1. Why worry? By overlooking us, it takes pressure off us and allows us to continue our good work. The media will always salivate over the big few and the London clubs, it’s annoying but it may work to our advantage this season.

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