Southampton beating Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur to Champions League place would be good for English football


Shane Long scored twice for Southampton in the win over Leicester (Picture: Getty Images)

They think its all over…..but is it?

This is an odd situation for a Southampton fan to find themselves in. Our popularity that grew as we defied the summer predictions of doom and gloom has peaked and now it is on the wane. Plaudits from fans of other clubs have downgraded from ‘What Southampton are doing is brilliant’ to ‘Wow, how long can Saints keep this up for?’ to ‘Come on guys, you are taking the mick now’ in quick succession.

This is especially coming from the fans of clubs like Liverpool and Spurs, after all it is their coveted fourth place Champions League position that is under threat. The internet memes have changed from mockery at the player exodus to laughter at the expense of Brendan Rodgers to lists of the club’s next ten fixtures…

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