Two fixtures that could be vital for Southampton’s Champions League hopes


Southampton’s Sadio Mane, second left, celebrates after scoring against QPR (Picture: AP)

You know what’s really annoying about the top clubs? The fact that they can play poorly for 90 minutes and then completely spawn a victory in the dying embers of injury time.

How many times as a Southampton fan have I been on the end of that? More than I care to remember.

So when Sadio Mane latched on to a brilliant pass by man of the match Maya Yoshida and smashed the ball past Robert Green in the 92nd minute to secure a 1-0 victory in a game in which truthfully they had been pretty unimaginative and lacklustre I was more than a little delighted.

In fact the only way it could have been better were if our old friend ‘Arry was still in charge of QPR and we had got to see him squirm in the post…

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